Tuesday, August 13, 2013

The Pacifier "Situation"

The Paci Hub 
Why is it that everyone seems to have an opinion on "The Pacifier Situation"? My youngest Darling is a paci man. My immediate reaction to his affinity for the paci (or plug as his darling sister once called it) was: Oh! Thank God!

Both of my children were avid nursers and milk-aholics. This is any nursing mother's dream, however, my son took it to a whole new level. He nursed every fifteen minutes from the end of his last feeding and each feeding was no less than thirty minutes long. I never had to explain his initial nickname: The Tick.When my daughter was born I refused to introduce her to a pacifier. I was against her becoming dependent on something other than nursing to soothe her. That anti-paci stance lasted only a matter of hours. Birth, nursing and welcoming a baby is exciting and wonderful but it is also exhausting! As much as you want to bond with your baby, there are times when a mommy just needs a moment or twenty to herself. Our daughter would have nothing to do with a pacifier but then became enamored with her thumb and when our son was born I didn't have any hesitations. After we got a consistently good latch while nursing, he and his pacifier were given an immediate introduction. This was the start of a love affair that has been going on for the past sixteen months. Through out that time, many people have had an open opinion about it. It sounds something like this: Why do you allow him to have it whenever he wants it? You know, if you allow this to continue, the next thing he'll have in there is a cigarette. You are setting yourself up for disaster. You are making a mistake.

I am not persuaded by ridicule or any one's - no matter how well meant - opinion on the subject. My son is not a self soother and I am behind anything (within reason) that provides him that comfort. I feel, that as long as my pediatrician and our family dentist are on board, I'm good to go (which they are). My advice to Mommies of a similar mindset: Listen to your instincts and do what YOU feel is best for your child. At the end of the day, that is all that matters.

If my son needs braces, in my mind, so be it ... I had them too.  If he clings to the paci until we need to create a method of withdrawal, fine! If he is comforted by it until the age of three, no problem. The ONLY issue I have with the blasted thing is that he calls it, "Mama" ... but that's a whole other post. For now, I'm at peace with not only my decision to allow my son to have his paci on demand, but also the silence of a soothed baby.

With love,
Mrs. Darling

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