Friday, August 30, 2013

Weekly PD: Simple Pleasures

Last weekend our very dear family friends, Aunt Joann and Uncle Scott came to visit us and as always, they came bearing gifts for our Little Darlings. Our eldest darling opened up her package and squealed with excitement, "I've never had a jump rope before!" The deal was that if she ate all her dinner, we would go out together and I would teach her how use her new gift. She lived up to her end of the bargain and under the light of the stars (and a flood light) I taught my daughter how to jump rope. I showed her how to hold the handles and as I demonstrated the process, I could feel my inner child swell with excitement and a huge smile spread across my face. I could feel the flush of the blood in my cheeks and as I handed over the jump rope to my daughter I felt more alive than I had in quite some time. Watching her delight in the fun of it all was just as satisfying as knowing that she was expelling energy in a healthy way. We jumped until it was time for bed. We jumped first thing in the morning, through the weekend and into this week!

The whole experience led me to ask myself: Is Izzy reacting to the novelty of an exciting gift, or the elation that comes with discovering the fun in something so simple?

We jump from activity to activity, passing each day while keeping our eye on the schedule for the next. We indulge and are constantly in search of the latest that technology has to offer. In doing so, we lose track of the simple pleasures like jumping rope, a classic childhood pastime that can even turn back time for any adult - when the physical act of jumping can lead to a spiritual jump for joy. I feel that it's moments like these that  parents and children alike get the most clarity. We do not embrace the novelty of the present, but instead, we embrace the novelty of bringing back a pleasure from the past. Our inner joy is awakened by feet slapping on the pavement, fresh air filling our lungs and the pleasure of creating our own moment in time.

I am so grateful for the affirmation that it really is the little things in life that bring the most pleasure.

With love,
Mrs Darling

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