Monday, July 22, 2013

Waiting For Baby

Our first Little Darling moments after her birth

The confirmation of the Duchess of Cambridge's admission to the hospital has been made and the official royal baby watch has commenced. While the world waits with bated breath, I fondly remember each day that I was told: Today Is The Day!

Five years ago Mr. Darling came home from deployment, we celebrated our first anniversary and the very next day we had our last doctor's appointment before my due date. Call it intuition - we decided to throw my packed overnighter into the trunk. What came next was almost as big of a surprise as the pregnancy ... almost. Our doctor announced, "You're four centimeters dilated and eighty percent effaced! Are you ready to have a baby today?" Eight hours later we welcomed our first child - a daughter. We marveled over each tiny finger and toe, her soft skin, her head full of dark hair. We just couldn't believe that after nine months we were finally able to hold our seven pound, fourteen ounces of perfect joy in our arms. From the moment she was placed on my chest, life was instantly changed.

Four years later, at thirty eight weeks pregnant, I miserably waddled to my doctor's office. I had been given strict instructions by Mr. Darling, who was in his first year of medical school, to call him as soon as I got out. We had been praying that this baby would come two weeks early like his sister. Fortunately for us, and my personal sanity, we weren't disappointed. I remember looking up at the ceiling thinking to myself, "Please God, let this baby be ready to come out. I just. can't. take. it. anymore." When I heard my doctor say, "Welp, I think you should go home, get your bag and I'll meet you in labor and delivery at 5 tonight," I was flooded with relief, and excitement. I immediately called Mr. Darling and I could hear the biggest smile spread across his face.

On the way home I contacted grandparents and our close family friends who offered to take our daughter if neither of our parents were in the city at the moment that I went into labor. After arriving home I made sure everything was in order and took a long hot shower. It was at that moment that I realized that our lives were completely changing once again, but this time I had an overwhelming sense of guilt.  Despite the fact that I loved and adored this baby from the moment I knew I was carrying him, for the first time I worried about my ability to love another baby as much as I loved our daughter. I held her as close as I could as I said goodbye before heading to the hospital and as Mr. Darling and I drove together, we silently held hands, each reflecting on the realization that we would meet our son in just a matter of hours.

No second was wasted taking in his preciousness after giving birth. He was just as much a marvel as his sister was and when they met for the first time, we knew that they were meant to be together and my heart knew that it would love two children in the very same way it did when there was only one.

It's exciting moments like these that make a life fulfilled. No matter who you are, or what your place is, it's the beautiful changes like bringing a baby into the world and one's family that make everything else seem so insignificant and small.

The Darling Family wishes everything wonderful to the Royal Family of Three-To-Be!

With love,
Mrs. Darling

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