Thursday, July 18, 2013

Little Darlings: Products of The Moment

As a mother of two, I’ve just about seen and tried it all - from move and shake baby silencers to all natural lather and slathers. There has been no stone unturned. Pictured above are our products of the moment that have been tried and true in the Darling household. Enjoy!

Supergoop: The atopic skinned family’s god-sent. This sunscreen is not only gentle and effective but it is also free of oil, oxybenzone, paraben and fragrance. The Darling Children and I have been cursed with extremely sensitive skin. This is the only sunscreen that doesn’t send us running for hydrocortisone. One pump goes a long way and the cherry is that it is TSA approved for carry-on air travel. For those who are squeezing in the last bit of summer travel or those who are laying low in the ghastly summer heat, this product is an absolute must (unless your darling is under six months of age – If so, a hat and shade is the ultimate recommendation).

California Baby - Calming Bubble Bath: This is a beloved brand in the Darling Home by parents and children alike. This tear free, all natural, biodegradable and herbal bubble bath is the perfect end to any day. Its gentle, vegetable-derived bubbling properties ensure the integrity and softness of your darling’s skin while simultaneously affording them the essence of calm and serenity. At the end of the day, could you ask for more?

Cetaphil - Restoraderm Skin Restoring Moisture: For those of you who are long time lovers of Cetaphil, you will more than likely agree with the fabulousness of this moisturizing product. Recommended by dermatologists, this cream is extremely effective. I have personally seen tremendous results with my children’s eczema. While many pediatricians do not recommend moisturizers until after six months of age, Cetaphil Restoraderm is compatible with skin three months of age and/or older.

Paul Mitchell Kids - Taming Spray: This wonderful detangler can be used on either wet or dry hair, which is perfect for taming long and luscious locks as well as crazy cowlicks. It has also reduced the morning shrill decibel in the Darling home by half.

Mustela – Dermo Cleansing: Throughout five years and two children, this soap free cleansing gel has been our ultimate recommendation to parents everywhere. Not only is the gentle fragrance absolutely divine, it is hypoallergenic, tear free, and maintains the softness of your little darling’s skin and scalp. I love that even though our eldest is five, when I snuggle her at bedtime, I am taken back to her infancy night after night and hold her just a little bit closer and a little bit longer.

As every child is different, so too may be their reaction to these products.  I do hope that you will love them as much as we do. Stay posted for our next product feature!

With love,
Mrs. Darling 

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