Thursday, November 20, 2014

An Early Evening Escape

My friend, photographer and fellow blogger, Allison Tatios of OliverPippet, took an evening to capture a few photographs of the children and me in our new favorite retreat from the city, Valley Forge National Historical Park. Thinking about the suffering that occurred here, the lives lost and the perseverance of many make these grounds a marvel to behold and the serenity found here unbelievable.

I remember my first time in the park with Allison and her sister Julie, taking in the natural beauty and wonder this historic site offers its' visitors. As we drove and walked to different locations in the park, I took in the light that played on the vast fields. The pillowy tufts of cotton,  the crispness of the grass and the coolness of the air breathed a sense of fresh life into me.  It was as if I was literally taking in a new world. Touching my surroundings and feeling the soft glare of the fading light shine in my eyes, I knew in my heart that I was starting a new chapter.

As Allison captured me in the moments that make up the photographers' "magic hour", I began to unwind, and process the first step in telling my story with you. My breath became deeper and I reflected on where I was in my journey and how far I had come after life as I knew it ended.

I am inspired by the peace and tranquility that is slowly entering my life after a tumultuous and gut wrenching year.  I never thought that I would laugh from my belly, smile with my soul, chase my children with exhilaration or revel in the open air again. The fact that I can do this all is a gift that I will never again take for granted. I asked Allison to document the joy so that we could always look back on this day and this time in gratitude for the highs of life.

Please share in my joy with our children. Here are some moments captured by Allison, who is not only a talented photographer, but a woman who possesses heart of gold and an eye to the soul.

With love,


  1. The light in these photos is so lovely! Beautiful family.


    1. Thank you so much, Christie! My dear friend Allison is very talented! xoxo - Sara